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Rent out your holiday property?

Rent out in full confidence

Rent out in full confidence with Agency Van Maldeghem. Are you considering renting out your holiday home? At Agency Van Maldeghem, we understand that this decision is a crucial step and we are ready to guide you through every stage of the rental process. Rely on our expertise to successfully market your holiday property and experience the benefits below:

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Professional advice

Our experienced team is ready to give you professional advice on current market trends, pricing, property protection and legal aspects of holiday rentals. We will guide you step by step so you can decide with confidence.

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Maximal Visibility

We understand the importance of maximum visibility in the property market. By using advanced marketing strategies and online platforms, we ensure that your holiday home gets the attention it deserves, resulting in faster and better rentals.

We know who is renting your property

Renting out your holiday property goes hand in hand with peace of mind.

To ensure that your property is in safe hands, we only rent to tenants whose identity has been verified (name, official address, mobile phone number, verified email). The minimum age for renting a holiday property from Van Maldeghem Agency is 21. If not renting as a family (parents/grandparents and children), everyone must be 21 or older.

You can rest assured that we are committed to the safety and satisfaction of both host and tenant.

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Financial return

We always go for satisfied customers. We work on that every day. With our optimal customer service, we can therefore achieve that over 80% of our tenants rent again through our agency the following year. This enables us to generate a stable income stream for the host. Renting out your property via Van Maldeghem Agency is therefore an excellent way to earn extra money.

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Transparent communication

At Agency Van Maldeghem, we attach great importance to open, transparent communication. You are kept well informed of all activities concerning the rental of your holiday home. We provide detailed visitor statistics and measure the impact on changes made and of marketing campaigns you wish to participate in.

Transparante communicatie


  • You retain control of your property.
  • You can flexibly decide when to make the holiday property available and for what duration.
  • You and your family retain the ability to use the holiday property yourself.
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Long-term partnership

We aim for long-term cooperation and are happy to answer questions or provide support around all aspects of your holiday property.

Personal contact

Unlike many online platforms ( with whom we also work), Agency Van Maldeghem believes in a personal approach and service. We can be reached both by phone and in the office where we can speak to tenants in 4 languages. On the day of arrival, your tenants will receive a warm welcome in our office with a seasonal gift.

Finally, we vouch for complete owner's relief:

  • Consistent key management (via specific software)
  • Without exception quality control before and after each rental
  • In-house cleaning service
  • Monitoring energy consumption during bookings
  • Standby service outside opening hours
  • Technical assistance
  • Financial protection with cancellation insurance
  • Additional protection with the included glass breakage and fire insurance during rental


Still interested in renting out your holiday home?

At Agency Van Maldeghem, we understand the value of your property and strive to make renting a seamless and trusted experience for you. Contact us today and find out how we can help you rent out your holiday home with confidence.

In doing so, please leave your contact details with no obligation. We will contact you quickly to assess together and in full transparency the chances and opportunities of your holiday home.

We look forward to working with you.