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Property management

About Agency Van Maldeghem property management

As an experienced real estate agency, we understand that property management can be a complex business: administrative management, technical management, legal management ... Our staff qualified in accounting, insurance, finance and engineering are happy to take care of all this for you with the aim of keeping your valuable property in excellent and safe condition so that it can be a real home or restful second home for you.

Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to inform you about our tailor-made services. Your enquiry will always be treated with the necessary discretion.  Discover some of our advantages below:

Manage your property has never been easier

Manage your co-ownership here.

Finding all crucial information about the management of your flat quickly and effortlessly has never been easier with our user-friendly digital tool. Log in whenever and wherever you want and access all your co-ownership's documents in just a few clicks. Save precious time and enjoy your stay by the sea even more.

Manage your property
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Owners' reporting point

Click on this link to quickly report defects on the common parts of your co-ownership. Give us a clear description of the defect and attach some photos. We will deal with it immediately.

For urgent defects, you can always reach the office or the standby service by phone: +32 (0)58 51 24 24

To reporting point

Confidential advisor

At Van Maldeghem Agency, we like to work in confidence. Each building is assigned a specific employee who is always your contact for all aspects of managing your property. He/she knows the history of the building and can develop a vision for its future together with the co-owners. This allows you to communicate with us quickly and easily in confidence and with short lines of communication.


Private meeting room

Annual general meetings can be held in our office's conference room. The room with a capacity of 14 people is equipped with Wi-Fi. Via Zoom, you can follow the annual general meeting from a distance and vote on the items on the agenda.

24/24 Standby service

Problems and breakdowns can occur at any time. Even outside opening hours. In the event of urgent problems, owners can call on our 24/7 standby service. Contact us by telephone on +32 (0)58 51 24 24, state your name, telephone number and urgent problem. The standby service will call you back a few moments later to make further arrangements.

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What to do in case of private defects?

You have a defect or problem in a private part of the co-ownership but you do not know any reliable, local professionals. No problem, through this link we have listed for you local companies that will be happy to help you out.

Overview of local contractors

Looking for a (new) property manager

Appointing a new property manager requires just a few steps.

Let our excellent service convince you. Contact us for an informal meeting and receive a detailed quotation tailored to your co-ownership.

Of course, your request will always be handled with the necessary discretion.

Contact us without any obligation